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Here are some offerings to enhance any retail environment.  Contact me for more information and a free demo.

MicroBiz Business


MicroBiz for Windows is a easy to use POS software designed for single store environments in a variety of verticals. It's easy to learn, intuitive, and has been used by thousands of retailers across the country since the 80's.


To operate a successful retail store today, you must be masterful in the art of buying, selling, marketing, inventory control, merchandising, and countless other specialized tasks.


MicroBiz POS software has been successful because it is very simple to use and affordable.

Retail Management Hero


Retail Management system (RMH) is a full featured point of sale program.  It allows you to improve your operation by streamlining your work flow, including inventory control and customer management.  Utilizing the power of SQL Server to manage the database, it allows for growth, whether your organization has one store or fifty. The RMH Central module (optional) allows you to control your enterprise from a central location.


RMH connects to a wide variety of peripherals, including in-counter scanners, scales, customer facing net displays, signature capture with pin pad for debit and credit cards, and much more.  Especially suited for verticals such as liquor stores, health food stores, gift, apparel, and so on.

Worldpay - integrated credit and gift cards


Fast, reliable, and secure electronic draft transactions form the Point of Sale. Worldpay (formerly Vantiv and Mercury) has a dedicated support team for Retail Management Hero, and feature integrated debit, credit, gift card and signature capture on an end to end encrypted device with full EMV integration.


Worldpay also features stand alone terminals as well as a virtual terminal, with the ability to process transactions from a web-enabled smart phone or computer.

X-Charge - for seamless
credit card integration



As a subsidiary of OpenEdge, X-Charge is one of the leading technology companies in the electronic payments sphere.  Secure and fast, with seamless inrtegration to MicroBiz.


Features include credit and debit transactions, as well as gift cards and ecommerce. All processing solutions meet and exceed PCI DSS industry security regulations.

Alexandria Point of Sale
Restaurant Maid and POS Maid


RESTAURANT MAID is a Restaurant Software, highly recommended for general type Restaurant and/or a Bar, Sandwich Shop, Pizzeria, Steak House, Café Shop, Deli, Buffet, Catering business, Doughnut or Pastry Shop, Hotel restaurant/kitchen and more.

POS MAID is a Retail Software, highly recommended for general merchandise retail stores, such as: Grocery store, Bakery, Clothing store, Dollar store, Vape Shop, Auto/Car Sales, Vitamin store, Pet store, Sporting goods store, Electronics store, Computer store, Cell phone dealer, Toy store, Coffee shop, Newspaper / Magazine stand, Gift / Souvenir store, Gift shop, Book store and many other retail businesses.

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